Welcome to Policy Center Insurance. Our mission is to provide detailed information on a variety of UK insurance policy types, simply because we feel you should be well equipped with knowledge before trying to choose an insurance policy that suits your needs from the vast and often confusing insurance choice online. This includes insurance for motor vehicles, recreational vehicles such as caravans, commercial vehicles, business liability, shop insurance and much much more.

Hopefully by explaining what a typical policy covers or does not cover and some questions you should consider asking your insurance company, as a policy holder you will rest assured that in the unfortunate even of a claim there won’t be any nasty clauses or surprises.

Policycenter.org is not an insurance broker or company, so with no axe to grind when we write an article about an insurance product or niche we simply aim to arm you with detailed knowledge on the topic and what leves of cover and options are avaialble to you the prospective purchaser.

Over time we will research and publish information on an expanding list of insurance types, both for UK and USA residents. If you feel you cannot find the insurance information you need let us know and we will consider researching that field.

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