Landlord Insurance and the Risk of Fire

Fortunately, the UK is a country which is very strict about its fire regulations. Nevertheless, there are always stories in the news about properties having been damaged through fire. Fire can result in serious implications therefore, it is essential for landlords to make sure that their properties have adequate insurance against any potential fire damage, even if the policy is the cheapest landlord insurance available.

Residential Properties

Through the Housing Act of 2004 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, the legalities of residential properties are covered. The basic requirements for residential properties are to have fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems installed. Check with your local fire authorities about other necessary fire precautions that you may not be aware of.

Fire Safety Precaution Laws

There are very specific laws regarding Houses for Multiple Occupancy. It is advisable to take a thorough look into your responsibilities as a landlord, and should your property need some special equipment, it is advisable to have it installed. You do not want to have problems at a later stage. For example, fire doors should they need fitting, are expensive items but worthwhile in the long run. Besides keeping out a fire, they also keep out any rodents, particularly in rural areas.

Legalities and Cheapest Landlord Insurance

The way of life today is such that there is always somebody willing to take people to court for the simplest of accidents. Landlords in particular, often are found to be negligent about fire safety precautions on their properties. This type of oversight is looked at harshly by the law enforcement agencies. As fires do occur, it is necessary to do everything possible for prevention. Smoking bans and forbidding candle use written into the lease contract is one way of helping keeping fires away, and no bonfires – especially in the wind- is another.

Having even the cheapest Landlord Insurance will certainly be of benefit to you, should a court case occur. Prevention is always better than the cure, so rather ensure that all relevant precautions are in place to avoid an unnecessary fire hazard.

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