The Taxi Trade is as Easy as 1…2…3

Getting into the taxi trade is pretty simple. In fact, it’s never been easier as technology has intervened and now, all it takes is a certain sum of money to get started. The only difference is that those who want to drive cabs in London will have to pass a rigorous driving test around the streets of London, without the aid of a satellite navigation system or a map. Instant taxi insurance, easy access to cars, and technology are the main ingredients of being successful in the taxi trade.


Instant taxi insurance is a phenomenon created in the last few years. This makes it easy for anyone to get involved in the business as getting insurance is just a matter of going online, entering all the necessary information, and paying for the insurance policy off of a credit/debit card. Drivers who do this are completely covered and don’t have to worry about dealing with any insurance brokers in person.


Cars are fairly cheap these days (it’s the insurance that’s expensive) and it’s also easy to find any model by simply checking online. But when it comes to the taxi business a special type of car is needed. It has to have at least four seats available and it should ideally have four doors; although this isn’t a requirement. Any car bought for the purposes of entering the taxi trade should be able to withstand at least 100,000 miles a year without any major problems as taxi drivers tend to cover a large distance in a short amount of time.


In the past, taxi drivers used to have to be able to memorise the streets and the name of said streets in order to succeed. This is not the case anymore. Now drivers are able to use satellite navigation systems to get themselves and their passengers around. These can be as cheap or as costly as the individual desires. Some systems actually say the instructions out loud whereas others are just mobile maps that move when the car does. Different drivers will have different preferences when it comes to these systems.

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