Ways to Lower the Premiums for Van Insurance

Van insurance quotes are sometimes just too high. But there are ways to lower the premiums on one’s van insurance. This is especially important for those van owners who operate a fleet of vans because insurance costs can easily eat into the overall profits of a business.


Ok, this is not something which comes easily, but if the van driver in question is experienced and has been driving for many years without an accident then the insurance company will see them as less of a risk so will provide the driver with lower premiums in return. However, for younger drivers, this is more of a tip for the future. Taking care now will provide rewards later on.


This is an interesting little mechanism which insurance companies have introduced. If the person searching for the policy already has a car or another van with a no claims discount then this can be mirrored on the new policy. Mirroring doesn’t mean that the discount has been transferred, instead it means that the rate gained on another vehicle will also apply to this new insurance policy and the covered vehicle.

Less Mileage

For many van drivers this isn’t possible, but if they lower the mileage on their vans then they will get lower premiums. A useful tactic can be to only drive the van when absolutely needed. For example, avoiding unnecessary trips to the local shop can really add up over time, and this will mean lower premiums for the future.

Security Measures

One way to reduce the number spewed out by the van insurance quotes is to make it clear that security measures have been added to the van. These measures can be as simple as an alarm on the van or as complex as an engine immobiliser. For more modern vans, electronic key cards, as an alternative to a conventional set of keys, can mean the van is safer from theft, which means lower premiums.

Bumper Stickers

This sounds incredibly stupid, but, surprisingly, a bumper sticker with a number on it for people to call if the individual is driving badly does lower the insurance premium on the van. It’s a very cost-effective tactic to use, but it works well all the same.

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